Список трансферов (переходов) игроков Washington Wizards в NBA 17-18


Откуда Куда
Келли Оубре младшийWashington Wizards2017-10-19
Брэдли БилWashington Wizards2017-10-19
Отто ПортерWashington Wizards2017-10-19
Марчин ГортатWashington Wizards2017-10-19
Джоди МиксWashington Wizards2017-10-19
Маркифф МоррисWashington Wizards2017-10-19
Тим ФрейзерWashington Wizards2017-10-19
Ян МаинмиWashington Wizards2017-10-19
Джейсон СмитWashington Wizards2017-10-19
Джон УоллWashington Wizards2017-10-19
Крис МаккалауWashington Wizards2017-10-19
Томаш СаторанскиWashington Wizards2017-10-19
Майк СкоттWashington Wizards2017-10-19

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Chris Paul is a moving target tomorrow. How the Rockets found the secret passage to get to Austin Rivers. #CP3Effect Chris Paul is a moving target tomorrow. When you can't find a reason for the loss. рџ?‚ LIVE LOOK at Austin Rivers right now. #Rockets #Clippers 

What happened:  Kyrie Irving after the Cavs second loss to the Warriors this season!