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All yall talking bout what happened on power already aint nothing but former D.A.R.E role takers...teachers pets рџ?‚ Im still watching it
Welcome to he/she gotta bag so they official or a real one....#twitter giving lames a lane
“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” —John 8:12
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RT @qcmceop_p: All it takes is the right co-sign and youll never have to work a 9-5 again. рџ…±пёЏig ole facts рџ’Їрџ’°
RT @DCYOUNGFLY: The key to staying down is " staying down"
RT @youngscooter: VIDEO ON @WORLDSTAR TUESDAY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/qPgzVNzlJ8
RT @AUHoopsGuy: @Marquis_Daniels Tough, youre right. Try junior golf...gazillion is about right too
RT @TONYKHUU: Celebrating one of the great ones... #TracyMcGrady tonight @TIERNightclub RSVP guestlist… https://t.co/GMdMuDEabN
Im n blackshear Georgia they call it the swamp the gnats bigger than premature babies #jeeeee
RT @DGBastard: Listen to @HotBoyTurk32s new B.G. tribute track "YNT Da Mob" #FreeBG https://t.co/qGogU8hOQg https://t.co/agqBjOREiE
The level of dedication a parent has to have for travel baseball is unmatched cause its a gazillion degrees out here #jeeeee
RT @MercedezUAZ: Good morning Good night
“Be careful not to do your �acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them. If you ... https://t.co/BgRGBU4XEl
RT @yhradio: Now playing on Yellow House Radio: Marquis Q6 Daniels - Follow My Drip (Q6 Feat. Sauce Walka)
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RT @willie_anderson: https://t.co/Z8wRWSHDLD
RT @ToriNicksWho: st. matthew 6:22 "the light of body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, they whole body be full of light" 3rd e…
RT @YUNGSCOOP: [Mixtape] Q6 - You Welcome :: #GetItLIVE! https://t.co/cLG1AJSwl7 indytapes marquis_daniels… https://t.co/GkncbkUxIn
RT @Stone_Marley: Its some people cheering for you when you win thats gone laugh when you lose always stay woke!
He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. —Psalm 91:1
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RT @True_kwu: Keep thinking WW3 is just Talk ‼️ https://t.co/vqkxjSgNHA
RT @True_kwu: Isaiah 13:12 🤴🏿 https://t.co/42T7OaB5S0
RT @utahjazz: We have signed Eric Griffin to a two-way contract. Details: https://t.co/6GlqXzecfn Welcome, @THE21STORY! https://t.co/xO81…
RT @willie_anderson: High School coaches dont get enough credit for helping develop some of these FL hoopers. However, a lot of HS coache…
That boy @mozzythamotive be going in 🔥🔥🔥🔥
RT @AuburnWBB: That leg-work though!!! #auBURNout #WarEagle https://t.co/4udftRx9QJ
RT @AZCardinalsUK: Hes Back!!!! @ChrisJohnson28 https://t.co/1iURLPWaLH
RT @YUNGSCOOP: [Mixtape] Q6 - You Welcome :: #GetItLIVE! https://t.co/cLG1AJSwl7 indytapes marquis_daniels… https://t.co/yB5aKsZ0ne
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Accurate. Duncan reacts. Kyrie vs Lebron. Scared yet, @CavsNationNet? Who's we? @CavsNationNet 
Credit: @NeauxLimit The good ol' days for LeBron James. #wade #heat #cavs